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Hello there! Thank you for coming to my website!

My name is Brandon Mergendahl.  I would like to take this time to tell you a little more about myself and the history of the Outsider Vinyl.

In 2015 I began to look for a car I've always wanted. This car would be a dream come true for me. I started searching on Google and many other sites before making a final decision. I found a dealership in Richmond, VA. USA, (page listed below) that had many imported vehicles. I emailed them about the car I was interested to purchase. I then piled the family into our car at 3am for a 7 hour drive, so I could test drive the car. It was all over as soon as I got behind the wheel. That is when I purchased my 1989 Nissan Skyline GTS-t sedan. Even though this model is not the infamous GTR, it is still a Skyline and that is a name I've always wanted to say I own. Throughout the course of 2016 I drove that Skyline all over New York and neighboring states. (weather permitting of course).


The end of that year I came to realize I needed to do some research on where to obtain parts, and what parts are interchangeable with USD vehicles. I searched for hours each night and came across some car pages on Facebook. Most of these pages were dedicated to the infamous GTR, which is great but they didn't have much info for the other models. This is where I teamed up with 2 others, who were having the same issues. That is when we created the Facebook group OUTSIDER SKYLINES. It started with 3 of us and now turned into a group of thousands. We started an Instagram page (@outsider_skylines) to show off all of the members cars. I wanted to promote this, so that is when I began getting stickers made.  I did this for about a year and it got really bothersome trying to get these made, shipped to me and then shipped to who wanted them. And in 2018 began the start of Outsider Vinyl! 

What went from doing stickers for our small car group, turned into doing so much more!

Thank you so much for reading!


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